Evil in the Quran


: Ishaq:208 “When Allah gave permission to his
: Apostle to fight, the second Aqaba contained
: conditions involving war which were not in
: the first act of submission. Now we bound
: themselves to war against all mankind for
: Allah and His Apostle. He promised us a
: reward in Paradise for faithful service. We
: pledged ourselves to war in complete
: obedience to Muhammad no matter how evil the
: circumstances.”
: Ishaq:472 “Muhammad’s Companions are the best
: in war.”
: Qur’an 8:7 “Allah wished to confirm the truth
: by His words: ‘Wipe the infidels out to the
: last.’”
: Qur’an 8:12 “Your Lord inspired the angels with
: the message: ‘I am with you. Give firmness
: to the Believers. I will terrorize the
: unbelievers. Therefore smite them on their
: necks and every joint and incapacitate them.
: Strike off their heads and cut off each of
: their fingers and toes.”
: Qur’an 8:15 “Believers, when you meet
: unbelieving infidels in battle while you are
: marching for war, never turn your backs to
: them. If any turns his back on such a day,
: unless it be in a stratagem of war, a
: maneuver to rally his side, he draws on
: himself the wrath of Allah, and his abode is
: Hell, an evil refuge!”
: Qur’an 8:39 “So, fight them till all opposition
: ends and the only religion is Islam.”
: Qur’an 8:45 “O believers! When you meet an
: army, be firm, and think of Allah’s Name
: much; that you may prosper.”
: Qur’an 8:57 “If you meet them in battle,
: inflict on them such a defeat as would be a
: lesson for those who come after them, that
: they may be warned.”
: Qur’an 8:58 “If you apprehend treachery from
: any group on the part of a people (with whom
: you have a treaty), retaliate by breaking
: off (relations) with them. The infidels
: should not think that they can bypass (the
: law or punishment of Allah). Surely they
: cannot get away.” [Another translation
: reads:] “The unbelieving infidels should not
: think that they can bypass Islam; surely
: they cannot escape.”
: Qur’an 8:59 “The infidels should not think that
: they can get away from us. Prepare against
: them whatever arms and weaponry you can
: muster so that you may terrorize them. They
: are your enemy and Allah’s enemy.”
: Qur’an 8:60 “And make ready against the
: infidels all of the power you can, including
: steeds of war [the Noble Qur’an says these
: are: tanks, planes, missiles, and artillery]
: to threaten the enemy of Allah and your
: enemy. And whatever you spend in Allah’s
: Cause shall be repaid unto you.” [Another
: translation reads:] Qur’an 8:60 “Prepare
: against them whatever arms and cavalry you
: can muster that you may strike terror in the
: enemies of Allah, and others besides them
: not known to you. Whatever you spend in
: Allah’s Cause will be repaid in full, and no
: wrong will be done to you.”
: Qur’an 8:71 “He will give you mastery over
: them.”
: Ishaq:204 “‘Men, do you know what you are
: pledging yourselves to in swearing
: allegiance to this man?’ ‘Yes. In swearing
: allegiance to him we are pledging to wage
: war against all mankind.’”
: Ishaq:471 “We are steadfast trusting Him. We
: have a Prophet by whom we will conquer all
: men.”
: Qur’an 4:77 “Lord, why have You ordained
: fighting for us, why have You made war
: compulsory?”
: Qur’an 4:71 “Believers, take precautions and
: advance in detachments or go (on
: expeditions) together in one troop.’”
: Ishaq:322 “Allah said, ‘Do not turn away from
: Muhammad when he is speaking to you. Do not
: contradict his orders. And do not be a
: hypocrite, one who pretends to be obedient
: to him and then disobeys him. Those who do
: so will receive My vengeance. You must
: respond to the Apostle when he summons you
: to war.”
: Ishaq:544 “Hassan incited the men, reciting:
: ‘This is the time for war. Don’t feel safe
: from us. Our swords will open the door to
: death.’”
: Bukhari:V5B57N1 “Allah’s Apostle said, ‘A time
: will come when a group of Muslims will wage
: a Holy War and it will be said, “Is there
: anyone who has accompanied Allah’s Apostle?”
: They will say, “Yes.” And so victory will be
: bestowed on them.’”
: Ishaq:574 “In faith I do not fear the army of
: fate. He gave us the blood of their best men
: to drink when we led our army against them.
: We are a great army with a pungent smell.
: And we attack continuously, wherever our
: enemy is found.”
: Qur’an 9:5 “When the sacred forbidden months
: for fighting are past, fight and kill
: disbelievers wherever you find them, take
: them captive, beleaguer them, and lie in
: wait and ambush them using every stratagem
: of war.
: Qur’an 67:20 “Who is he that will send an army
: to assist you besides Ar-Rahman?”
: Tabari IX:115 “The military expeditions
: (Ghazawat) in which the Messenger personally
: participated were twenty-six. Some say there
: were twenty-seven.” Tabari IX:118 “The
: armies and raiding parties sent by the
: Messenger of Allah between the time he came
: to Medina and his death (ten years) was
: forty-eight.”
: Qur’an 48:15 “Those who lagged behind (will
: say), when you marched forth to capture
: booty in war: ‘Permit us to follow you.’”
: Qur’an 47:20 “Those who believe say, ‘How is it
: that no surah was sent down (for us)?’ But
: when a categorical [definite or
: uncompromising] surah is revealed, and
: fighting and war (Jihad, holy fighting in
: Allah’s Cause) are ordained, you will see
: those with diseased hearts looking at you
: (Muhammad) fainting unto death. Therefore
: woe to them!”
: Tabari VIII:159 “The people began to throw dust
: at the army, saying, ‘You retreating
: runaways. You fled in the Cause of Allah!’
: But the Messenger said, ‘They are not
: fleers. Allah willing, they are ones who
: will return to fight another day.””
: Qur’an 9:25 “Assuredly, Allah did give you
: victory on many battlefields.... Allah did
: send down His forces (angels) which you saw
: not. He punished the Infidels. Such is their
: reward.”
: Qur’an 9:41 “March forth (equipped) with light
: or heavy arms. Strive with your goods and
: your lives in the Cause of Allah. That is
: best for you.”
: Ishaq:548 “The squadrons of the Messenger,
: composed of Emigrants and Ansar in iron
: armor with only their eyes visible, passed
: by. His company had become great. Woe to
: you, none can withstand him. It was all due
: to his prophetic office.”
: Tabari IX:20 “The Messenger and his companions
: went directly to Ta’if. They encamped there
: for a fortnight, waging war. The townsfolk
: fought the Muslims from behind the fort.
: None came out in the open. All of the
: surrounding people surrendered and sent
: their delegations to the Prophet. After
: besieging Ta’if for twenty days, Muhammad
: left and halted at Ji’ranah where the
: captives of Hunayn were held with their
: women and children. It is alleged that those
: captives taken numbered six thousand with
: women and children.”
: Tabari VIII:176 “The Prophet sent out his army
: in divisions. Zubayr was in charge of the
: left wing. He was ordered to make an entry
: with his forces from Kuda. Sa’d was
: commanded to enter with forces by way of
: Kada. Allah’s Apostle said, ‘Today is a day
: for battle and war. Sanctuary is no more.
: Today the sacred territory is deemed profane
: [ungodly and sacrilegious].’ When one of the
: Muhajirs [Emigrants] heard him say this, he
: warned the Apostle, ‘It is to be feared that
: you would resort to violence.’ The Prophet
: ordered Ali to go after him, to take the
: flag from him, and fight with it himself.”
: Tabari IX:8 “The Messenger marched with 2,000
: Meccans and 10,000 of his Companions who had
: come with him to facilitate the conquest of
: Mecca. Thus there were 12,000 in all.”
: Bukhari:V5B59N320 “Allah’s Apostle said, ‘When
: your enemy comes near shoot at them but use
: your arrows sparingly (so that they are not
: wasted).’”
: Ishaq:572 “Muhammad is the man, an Apostle of
: my Lord. Evil was the state of our enemy so
: they lost the day. Fortunes change and we
: came upon them like lions from the thickets.
: The armies of Allah came openly, flying at
: them in rage, so they could not get away. We
: destroyed them and forced them to surrender.
: In the former days there was no battle like
: this; their blood flowed freely. We slew
: them and left them in the dust. Those who
: escaped were choked with terror. A multitude
: of them were slain. This is Allah’s war in
: which those who do not accept Islam will
: have no helper. War destroyed the tribe and
: fate the clan.”
: Ishaq:580 “We helped Allah’s Apostle, angry on
: his account, with a thousand warriors. We
: carried his flag on the end of our lances.
: We were his helpers, protecting his banner
: in deadly combat. We dyed it with blood, for
: that was its color. We were the Prophet’s
: right arm in Islam. We were his bodyguards
: before other troops served him. We helped
: him against his opponents. Allah richly
: rewarded that fine Prophet Muhammad.”
: Ishaq:583 “Since you have made Khalid chief of
: the army and promoted him, he has become a
: chief indeed, leading an army guided by
: Allah. Firmly clad in mail, warriors with
: lances leveled, we are a strong force not
: unlike a rushing torrent. We smite the
: wicked while we swear an oath to
: Muhammad…fighting in the quest of booty.”
: Ishaq:586 “Red blood flowed because of our
: rage.”
: Ishaq:587 “Ka’b reacted to the Apostle’s
: decision. He said, ‘We put an end to doubt
: at Khaybar. If our swords could have spoken,
: their blades would have said, “Give us Daus
: or Thaqif. We will tear off the roofs in
: Wajj. We will make homes desolate. Our
: cavalry will come upon you leaving behind a
: tangled mass. When we assault a town they
: sound a cry of alarm but our sharp cutting
: swords flash like lightning. By them we
: bring death to those who struggle against
: us. Flowing blood was mingled with saffron
: the morn the forces met. They were taken by
: surprise and we surrounded their walls with
: our troops. Our leader, the Prophet, was
: firm, steadfast, and full of wisdom. He was
: not frivolous nor light minded. We obey our
: Prophet and we obey a Lord who is
: Compassionate [Ar-Rahman]. We make you
: partners in peace and war. If you refuse we
: will fight you doggedly.”””
: Ishaq:602 “The Apostle ordered Muslims to
: prepare for a military expedition so that he
: could raid the Byzantines.”
: Qur’an 47:4 “When you clash with unbelieving
: Infidels in battle, strike and overpower
: them. At length, when you have thoroughly
: subdued them, make them prisoners in bondage
: until the war lays down its burdens. Thus
: are you commanded. He lets you fight in
: order to test you. Those who are slain in
: Allah’s Cause will never have their deeds go
: to waste.”
: Qur’an 61:14 “O Muslims! Be helpers of Allah…We
: gave power to those who believed against
: their enemies, and they prevailed.”
: Ishaq:441 “A sharp sword in the hand of a brave
: man kills his adversary.”
: Muslim:C34B20N4669 “The Prophet said: ‘He who
: equips a warrior in the Way of Allah is like
: one who actually fights and he who looks
: after the family of a warrior in the Allah’s
: Cause in fact participated in the battle.’”
: Muslim:52B20N4711 “I heard the Messenger
: delivering a sermon from the pulpit:
: ‘Prepare to meet them with as much strength
: as you can afford. Beware, strength consists
: in archery. Beware, strength consists in
: archery. Beware, strength consists in
: archery.’”
: Muslim: 52B20N4712 “I heard the Messenger of
: Allah say: ‘Lands shall be thrown open to
: you and Allah will suffice you against your
: enemies, but none of you should give up
: playing with his arrows.’”
: Qur’an 100:1 “I call to witness the (cavalry
: steeds), the (snorting courses), that run
: breathing pantingly (rushing off to battle),
: striking sparks of fire, scouring to the
: raid at dawn, raising clouds of dust as they
: penetrate deep into the midst of a foe en
: masse.”
: Qur’an 21:44 “Do they see Us advancing,
: gradually reducing the land (in their
: control), curtailing its borders on all
: sides? It is they who will be overcome.”
: Ishaq:322 “I will cast terror into the hearts
: of those who reject Me. So strike off their
: heads and cut off their fingers. All who
: oppose Me and My Prophet shall be punished
: severely.”
: Qur’an 13:41 “Do they not see Us advancing from
: all sides into the land (of the
: disbelievers), reducing its borders (by
: giving it to believers in war victories)?”
: Qur’an 33:22 “When the faithful saw the
: retreating allied armies this enhanced their
: faith and obedience...Allah drove the
: infidels back in their fury so that their
: resistance was futile.”
: Ishaq:404 “War has distracted me, but blame me
: not, ‘tis my habit. Struggling with the
: burdens it imposes, I bear arms bestride my
: horse at a cavalry’s gallop, running like a
: wild ass in the desert.”
: Ishaq:405 “It is your folly to fight the
: Apostle, for Allah’s army is bound to
: disgrace you. Leaders of the infidels, why
: did you not learn?”
: Tabari VIII:12/Ishaq:451 “I have heard some
: stories about the digging of the trench in
: which there is an example of Allah
: justifying His Apostle and confirming his
: prophetic office. For example, Muhammad spat
: on a rock, sprinkled water on it, and it
: crumbled. Then the Apostle said, ‘I struck
: the first blow and what you saw flash out
: was that Iraq and Persia would see dog’s
: teeth. Gabriel informed me that my nation
: would be victorious over them. Then I struck
: my second blow, and what flashed out was for
: the pale men in the land of the Byzantines
: to be bitten by the dog’s teeth. Gabriel
: informed me that my nation would be
: victorious over them. Then I struck my third
: blow and Gabriel told me that my nation
: would be victorious over Yemen. Rejoice,
: victory shall come. This increased the
: Muslims faith and submission.”
: Tabari VIII:13 “These cities were conquered in
: the time of Umar, Uthman, and others,
: Muslims used to say, ‘Conquer for yourselves
: whatever seems good to you; for by Allah you
: have conquered no city but that Muhammad was
: given its keys beforehand.’”
: Ishaq:475 “Allah commanded that horses should
: be kept for His enemy in the fight so they
: might vex them. We obeyed our Prophet’s
: orders when he called us to war. When he
: called for violent efforts we made them. The
: Prophet’s command is obeyed for he is truly
: believed. He will give us victory, glory,
: and a life of ease. Those who call Muhammad
: a liar disbelieve and go astray. They
: attacked our religion and would not submit.”
: Ishaq:489 “War is kindled by passing winds. Our
: swords glitter, cutting through pugnacious
: heads. Allah puts obstacles in our victims’
: way to protect His sacred property and our
: dignity.”
: Qur’an 24:55 “Allah has promised to those among
: you who believe and do good work that He
: will make them rulers of the earth. He will
: establish in authority their religion—the
: one which He has chosen for them.”
: Ishaq:594 “The Apostle gave gifts to those
: whose hearts were to be won over, notably
: the chiefs of the army, to win them and
: through them the people.”
: Qur’an 5:33 “The punishment for those who wage
: war against Allah and His Messenger and
: strive after corruption, making mischief in
: the land [those who refuse to surrender to
: Islam] is murder, execution, crucifixion,
: the cutting off of hands and feet on
: opposite sides, or they should be
: imprisoned. That is their degradation and
: disgrace in this world. And a great torment
: of an awful doom awaits them in the
: hereafter. Except for those who repent (and
: become Muslims) before you overpower them
: and they fall into your control.”