"But atheism killed more people than Christianity !"?

Some estimates of organized murder and genocide are brandied about to try to make a case against Christianity or against atheism (or what they think atheism is). The number of 100 million deaths caused by the Inquisitions, the Crusades, and Christian tyrants (like Hitler) is sometimes used. In reply, Christians say "atheistic dictators" like Stalin and Mao have killed 150 million people, and that atheism must be immoral by that fact.

I'm not going to bicker on the numbers. The dictators of the 20th century killed more people because they had access to better weapons. Let's face it, the Dark Ages with machine guns and nuclear bombs wouldn't have lasted very long. Relatively speaking, the Christians had a lot more negative impact on their small European world than Stalin and Mao had on the entire Earth.

The people wielding the principles of Christianity, such as they are, are rightly seen as sanctioning these atrocities. To sanction Christianity is to sanction the idea that man's life is unimportant against the power of God, and that man's life can be crushed and discarded in the name of salvation. To sanction Christianity is to sanction the idea that material life is unimportant when one has a supernatural, eternal life in view, and that sacrificing oneself is noble. To sanction Christianity is to sanction the idea that all suffering and injustice was created by a good being. Christianity demeans, insults, opposes life at every turn.

What about atheism ? Atheism is a lack of belief. It says absolutely nothing about moral matters. Some atheists are communists, that is true, but many more are utilitarians, and some, like me, are individualists. My principles include the notions that "genocide is not a great idea", "war is not a great idea" and "freedom is better than a dictatorship", all principles which would make the Earth a much better place for everyone.

In fact, communism is very much similar to Christianity, as all collectivist belief systems are similar. "God" is the ultimate collectivist entity. Just like political collectivists, Christians believe that all good can only come from the collective (the state/God), that blind belief in that collective is the way to salvation ("equality"/Heaven), and that our relations to others must be guided by that belief, not by the values of the individual (kill all the bourgeois/kill all the non-believers).

Here is a similar argument to that of the Christians :

1. Hitler was a vegetarian.
2. Hitler is responsible for the death of millions.
3. Vegetarians are following a diet responsible for the death of millions.

Diet has nothing to do with genocide (except perhaps the killing of small animals during harvest, which applies to all diets) any more than nonbelief in a sky-fairy does. Belief in the evil moral system of Christianity, however, has a lot to do with it. Belief systems generate bad morality, which drives out our natural, good morality.

Of course, Christians sometimes reply that murderers cannot be Christian. This is not only a variant of the True Scotsman fallacy, but outright false. Christianity has a great deal to say about murder - that it's fine to kill people when God tells you to, that war is justified if you are a "chosen people", and that any crime can be forgotten if you are a believer.

To this, all they have is the Ten Commandments, which state "thou shalt not KILL" not "thou shalt not murder", despite the hemming and hawing of theologians on this point. It is obvious to anyone that following such a rule is strictly impossible, and that the Christian hypocrites who scream for their idolatrous monuments of the Ten Commandments never have any intention of following it.

"Christian values " are nothing more than atheism scapegoating, designed to ignore the beam in their eyes. And another thing : if atheists are evil, then that means Christians are just as evil, because Christians are atheist (strong atheist, even !) towards 99% of all gods.