"But it's good to help the poor !"


  • Yes, of course it's good to help the poor. But that's not an excuse to support the cruelty and the evils of organized religion, or Christianity.
  • Most charities are secular in nature.
  • Many Christian charities use it as a platform to blast Christian propaganda or try to convert those they "help".
  • Jesus was against charity, calling a Gentile beggar a "dog" (Matt 15:26) and remonstrating to his disciples that the poor would always be there (Mark 14:7). He did promote surrendering all your money to anyone who wanted it (which is not charity but simply creates more poverty), because he thought he lived in the last days.
  • Religion cannot stop poverty, because it is not based on reason and real moral solutions. Only atheism and science have ever done anything for poverty, by raising the standards of life of the world. For instance, genetic engineering could end hunger within a generation.