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Why is There EVIL ?

Why do bad things happen to good and evil alike ? Why do natural disasters strike indiscriminately ? Why do some people choose to inflict suffering and death ? Why do flesh-eating bacteria exist ? Why does war exist ?

To these questions, priests and theologians have few answers. Their tired old reply is that these things exist and persist because of "sin". That somehow, our lack of belief, or our rebellion against God, create these things from the aether.

This is nothing more than a belief in voodoo ! 9/11 did not happen because of gays. The tsunami of December 2004 did not happen because of Islam. Tornadoes do not emerge because of secular humanists. The human mind does not send juju spells that create disasters and crime. Priests and theologians are merchants of chaos who exploit disaster for their own gain. They hope to exploit your sorrow and disorientation to get you to submit to their ideology.

However you slice it, only science and reason can explain the existence of these evils. People decide to commit horrible acts because of their free will. They are not "monsters" or "tools of divine wrath" : they are human beings who were seduced by the evil ideas of religion, or collectivism, or have simply refused to think. Natural disasters happen because of, for instance, the collision of air masses (for a tornado) or the collision of tectonic plates (for an earthquake).

But suppose we accept the theologian's delusion. If God exists, did he not know in advance that people would disbelieve and create disasters ? If he did not realize that, then he does not even understand his own creation. If he did, then must we not hold such a being accountable for every single evil ever made on Earth ? That means this god is the single most evil, depraved being in all of existence !

Do you seriously believe that this Earth was made by a good being ? Look around you, switch the TV on and listen to the news, or go to a hospital and see for yourself. This Earth did not come from a sky-fairy brandishing its magic wand. This Earth is the result of natural processes.

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