Scientific challenge against the Bible


Ask yourself this : if the Bible lies about obvious scientific facts, what else does it lie about ? And why would God try to trick you into accepting these silly beliefs ?

* God created the universe, the Earth, and human beings. GE 1:1
* There was light, and plants grew, before the sun was created. GE 1:3-5, 14-19 GE 1:12, 16
* Every seed-yielding plant is good to eat. GE 1:29
* Snakes and donkeys can talk. GE 3:1-5 NU 22:21-30
* There were giants on Earth. GE 6:4
* The Flood mythology. GE 7:19-20
* You can alter the genotype of a sheep by putting a striped rod in front of them. GE 30:37-43
* God loses a wrestling match. GE 32:24-30
* Some winged creatures go on all fours. LE 11:20-21
* Rabbit chews its cud. LE 11:6
* Bats are birds. LE 11:13, 19
* A house or clothes can have leprosy. LE 14:33-57
* An iron axe head floats. 2KI 6:5-7
* Earth is flat. IS 11:12, RE 7:1 IS 24:1 IS 40:22 DN 4:11
* Moon shines its own light. IS 30:26
* Demon possession can cause illness or mental problems. MT 4:23-24, 9:32-33, 12:22, 17:14-18, MK 1:23-26, 32-34, 5:2-16, 9:17-29, 16:9, LK 11:14, 4:33-35, 8:2, 27-36, 9:38-42, AC 8:7, 16:16-18
* Heaven is 1 500 miles square RE 21:16

Other verses that demand scientific justification :

GE 3:1-5 The serpent speaks human language (presumably Hebrew).
GE 9:12-16 God first creates the rainbow.
JS 10:12-14 God obliges Joshua by making the sun and moon stand still (so that he can finish his battle by daylight).
JG 16:17-22 Samson loses his strength as a result of having his head shaved.
1SA 16:14-23 Evil spirits can come from God (and be exorcised with God's help).
1KI 18:33-38 Fire consumes wet wood, stones, and dust, and "licks up" water.
2KI 13:21 A man who is being buried comes alive after touching the bones of Elisha
. 2KI 20:11 The shadow on a sun dial moves backwards.
2KI 16:2, 20, 18:1-2 Ahaz was thirty-six years old when he died. His twenty-five year old son Hezekiah succeeded him. Thus Ahaz was a ten or eleven year old father.
2CH 13:17 500,000 Israelites are slain in a single battle. (Note: This is more than were lost in any single battle of World War II, and even exceeds the number of deaths that resulted from the dropping of the atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. At Gettysburg, the greatest battle of the Civil War, the defeated army lost 5,000 men.)
PS 58:8 Slugs and/or snails melt as they move.
PS 121:6 It is apparently possible to suffer moonstroke as well as sunstroke.
MK 16:17-18 Those who believe are able to handle snakes and drink any deadly poison without suffering harm.