Eight questions for Intelligent Design believers

1. How can Intelligent Design be falsified ? An unfalsifiable belief is not scientific.

2. Please give a few accepted scientific laws or principles on which Intelligent Design is based. A belief that does not build on established knowledge is not scientific.

3. Please name an Intelligent Design-supporting study published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

4. Who is (or are) the Designer ? How can we observe this Designer ?

5. Is such a Designer complex ? If so, who or what designed the Designer ?

6. How does Intelligent Design explain suboptimal, bad or evil design in nature, including but not limited to :
* Predation;
* Sea mammals that cannot breathe underwater;
* The blind spot in the human eye;
* Wisdom teeth.

7. How does Intelligent Design explain vestigial organs, including but not limited to :
* The appendix;
* The leg bones in whales;
* The wings of flightless birds;
* Tails in human embryos.

8. Please define how you measure "complexity" or "information" (depending on your flavour of Intelligent Design). Give us a numerical measure of complexity or information for simple organisms, such as a bacteria of your choice.