The Hyopcrisy of Christian Behaviour


Hypocrisy reflects a lack of correspondence between our values or beliefs and our actions. Someone who rationalizes his way out of doing something, even if that action is the logical consequenece of one's beliefs, is called a hypocrite. Someone whose actions indicate a lack of belief, where belief is claimed, is also a hypocrite.

Are Christians hypocrites ? There are good reasons to think so.

Christians claim to believe in an omniscient judge - a being which sees all and knows all (much like Santa Claus, but I digress). Christians also believe that sin is an offense against this judge. Yet many Christians commit sin. They brush this off by saying that "being saved does not make you perfect, just forgiven".

Never mind the stupidity of that rationalization. Can you imagine having sex in front of your parents ? In front of a judge ? A camera is impersonal and can be ignored for some people, but real live people who can condemn you ? Can you imagine stealing from a store with security guards surrounding you and watching your every move ? Even criminals are stupid, but not that stupid.

Yet Christians commit such sins as adultery, theft, and even murder, supposedly with the belief that God sees their wrongdoing. If they actually believed such a thing, committing sin would be simply impossible.

Christians also claim to believe that "Jesus" was God incarnate, and even the most liberal Christians believe him to be a paragon of morality. Either of these views imply that Christians should take "Jesus"' moral pronouncements seriously.

What kind of moral pronouncements did "Jesus" make ?

* Beat your slaves. (Luke 12:47)
* Leave your family, get rid of all your possessions, and become a bum for Jesus. (Matthew 19:29, Luke 12:33, John 6:27)
* Don't bother with the poor. Poverty will never be stopped anyway. (Matthew 14:7)
* Love your enemies. (Luke 6:27)
* Deal with the occult, so that people will go to Hell. (Mark 4:10-12)
* Faith can do anything. (Matthew 17:20, Matthew 21:21, Mark 11:23, Luke 17:6, Mark 11:24)
* If your eyes cause you to sin, pluck them out. (Matthew 5:29-30)

In our modern society, no Christian takes these pronouncements seriously. This makes them hypocrites.

Christians also claim to believe in the afterlife. If that is so, then why do they grieve "lost ones" ? The ratioanlization of "well, I miss them" is disproportionate. No one enters into deep grief because they miss someone for a period of time. They know that their return will be sweeter then their absence. Either the Christians are shedding crocodile tears or they are hypocrites.