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Atheist Chat-O-Matic for Witnessing to Christians

This was inspired by a pitiful Christian attempt at making an algorithm to witness to atheists at Just like that one, the Atheist Chat-O-Matic is made to easily witness to Christians on chat rooms or in discussions : all you need to do is copy and paste.

Begin by asking in a Christian room, "Is there a Christian in here willing to answer some questions for me?", or ask a Christian who just entered your room, "X, are you willing to answer some questions about Christianity for me ?" - of course, replace X by his nickname.

Note that you can also replace "Christianity" with "theism" - most of the Chat-O-Matics is based on generic theism.

When someone says yes, click one of the following to continue :

Yes (for Chat-O-Matic 1)
Yes (for Chat-O-Matic 2 - based on the Transcendental Argument)

If you ever get a reply that is not accounted for in the Chat-O-Matics, send me an email saying what page you were on and what the Christian said.