What About Personal Experience ?

Many believe in God because they have had personal experience of Gods's existence or power in their lives. They commit the mistake of thinking that atheists deny that they had such experiences, and that atheists are just stubborn about it.

That's not true at all. We don't deny that you have what you call "experiences of God". We don't think you're lying about your experiences or the benefits in your life (although we may think that you're not seeing the bad sides of your "new life").

However, you have to understand that other religions also claim religious experiences. So do serial killers, and moms who beat and kill their children. You might say that those people are evil and therefore did not experience God, but on what standard do you say that ? They are just as convinced that they were inspired by God as you are.

What's happening here is that you are claiming to have an experience of God, but that presumes that God exists. If you did NOT believe that God exists, then you couldn't call it an experience "of God", you would call it a personal experience. We accept that you had an "experience"' but not that it is an experience "of God".

Personally, I think you're calling them experiences of God because you can't or won't believe that you can change your own life, prompted by an accidental thought, positive reinforcement, or even inspiration.

Be proud of YOUR accomplishments or take responsibility for YOUR actions, don't use God as an answer or an excuse. Take responsibility for your life. Don't let religion take it away.