Why do you think the universe came about from nothing, by chance ?

Dear Christian, why do you think the universe came about from nothing, and by chance ?

"Wait a second", I can hear you say. "It's the atheist who believes the universe came from nothing by chance ! Not me !". Really ? Are you so sure about that ?

Let's look at this more closely. What do atheists "believe" ? While some atheists say that the universe could have come from nothing, most do not. The most likely position in accordance with the Big Bang is that the universe always existed. Spacetime came about together at the Big Bang event, and matter existed at all points in time.

I also do not "believe" in "chance" in a naturalistic worldview. Human beings use the concept of chance because they do not know everything there is to know about something. For instance, we say that there is one chance out of six of a dice falling on a certain number, simply because we cannot calculate all the factors behind each throw. If we could, we would know for sure what number it would fall on. It's simple physics.

What about Christians then ? Christianity is anti-scientific. It says that God created everything from nothing. Before God whipped out his magic wand and popped it all up, there was nothing ! So a Christian must believe that the universe popped out of nothing. This is totally illogical, but that is what it implies.

As for chance, why would God create anything ? God has no exterior motivations, since nothing else existed besides him, and he has no needs or feelings to motivate him to do anything. So if God created anything at all, it would be from a pure whim - from chance !

So the next time you think about how absurd atheists are, because they believe that everything came from nothing and by chance, remember that you are really laughing at yourself and your own stupid beliefs.