The Bastard Founders - Mohammed, Jesus, Abraham

How immoral and wicked were the three bastard founders of monotheism - Mohammed, Jesus and Abraham ?

Mohammed, the prophet of Islam, is by far the greatest bastard of all three. He was a blood-thirsthy warlord who claimed the Arab world in the name of his Moon-God Allah, and succeeded in taking it over by force. He was a child rapist - married one of his wives Aisha when she was six and had sex with her when she was nine. Mohammed taught that women are inferior, that apostasy is punishable by death, and that Jihad will get you to Heaven. All and all, a more evil and wicked fellow there is none. As a mass murderer and a pervert, he would fit well with God himself.

As for Jesus, well, he was as literal bastard. But in terms of teachings, we have to give him the advantage. He was a frustrated, failed cult leader whose teachings (see "Was Jesus moral ?") sound more like the fist-shaking of a violent lunatic than any real threat. He did, like Mohammed, preach eternal torture.

In comparison, Abraham, who is supposed to be the father of all three religions, didn't do much, apart from lying to a number of kings and pharaohs, and almost sacrificing his own son. So while he is a psychopath, he's not nearly as evil as the two others.

Of course, this is all completely fictional, since none of these delusional psychopathic bastards actually existed. But billions of people believe that their psychopath is the way to salvation. The depths of delusion are truly staggering.

I'm not a Buddhist, but I have to give the prize to Buddha. Say what you will, but the worst thing you can pin on him was that he was a vegetarian.