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Defeating the Arguments

Open Letter to Practicing Christians
Is theistic religion a consolation ? - A brief discussion of various evidential arguments against thestic belief and for a strong-atheistic view of the universe. Posted on
Morality Without God - How can we be moral without God ? How can we be moral WITH God ? Includes a list of studies that show the correlation between religion and immorality.
PROPHECIES: IMAGINARY AND UNFULFILLED - Farrell Till discusses a great number of so-called "prophecies" in the Bible, showing that they enter in three categories : imaginary, meaningless or unfulfilled. Posted on the Secular Web.
Why do you think the universe came about from nothing, by chance ? - The next time you think about how absurd atheists are, because they believe that everything came from nothing and by chance, remember that you are really laughing at yourself and your own stupid beliefs.
What About Personal Experience ? - You do "experience", but you don't "experience God". Don't surrender the responsibility for your life to religion.
"It makes people happy !" - Sure, but what other things make people happy ?
The One True Clock - The Bible is true because the Bible says it's true. Christianity is an exercise in futile illogic.
If You're a Christian, Muslim or Jew - You are Wrong
Warning: Gravity is “Only a Theory” - Parodying the stupid Christian argument "evolution is only a theory".

Open your eyes
The Baloney Detection Kit - by Carl Sagan.
What is Faith ? - Faith is a mental delusion that is so widespread that you don't go to the asylum for it.
Scientific medicine vs religion - Which has given more intellectual contributions and improvement in man's well-being, medicine or religion ?
Scientific Discoveries & Inventions throughout the 20th Century

Sweet, sweet Jesus !

Was Jesus moral ? - A list of verses showing Jesus' morality, from my Handbook of Atheistic Apologetics.
The Five Proofs that "Jesus" Didn't Exist
Eyewitness Testimony Invalidated - If Jesus resurrected, why did even his close friends not recognize him ? From "Set Free from Jesus".
The Intercontinental Ballistic Jesus - Where did Jesus launch from when he rocketed to Heaven ? From "Set Free from Jesus".
Did Julius Caesar Exist ? - Refuting the old saw that "Jesus" is the most evidenced character from history. From "Jesus Never Existed".
The Bastard Founders - Mohammed, Jesus, Abraham - Who was the most wicked ?

Atheist Testimonies

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