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What About God ?

Some sites about God's genocides and murders : Mass Killings Ordered, Committed, Or Approved By God and The Bloody Bible
Dear Theologian - Dan Barker's famous letter from God, who asks a theologian : Where did I come from?, What's it all about?, and How do I decide what is right and wrong?. Teaches the lesson that God, if he existed, would have no more answers than we do. Posted on
Questions about God - Stumpers to ask Christians about their belief in God. Posted on
QUESTIONS FOR GOD - Former minister Joe Holman asks why God created anything at all, how God came to exist, how God can be beyond logic, why God created the snake in the Garden of Eden, and whether God can escape Euthyphro's Dilemma. Posted on "Minister Turns Atheist".
Is God an Atheist ? - George Smith proves that God is an atheist from all possible definitions of the term. From his book "Why Atheism ?". Smith also addresses this question, as well as others, in The Case Against God Sequel.