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About Us

What is the Graveyard of the Gods ministry ?

This atheistic ministry was started by Francois Tremblay in 2004, as a means to reach believers by discussing the real reasons why they believe - emotional appeals. Its goal is to demonstrate why the emotional appeal of religion and theism rests on false foundations, and that the emotional appeal of atheism and rational worldviews makes them the only acceptable option.

What is the Witnessing Nonbelief Project ?

A project which we would like to establish in conjunction with other atheist activists or apologetics sites, to establish the following principles as the basis of our witnessing efforts to believers.

Principle 1 : All theological arguments are rationalizations in the name of faith. Discussing arguments is good for the nonbeliever's understanding, but serves only a small role in the deconversion process.

Principle 2 : All faith exists because of emotional appeal, and this appeal is based on misconceptions and lies fostered by religion.

Principle 3 : Faith is a mind-killer and an enemy of rational morality, science, and ultimately all cognition.

Principle 4 : By exposing the false emotional appeal of faith and religion, exposing its evil, and promoting the true emotional appeal of nonbelief and reason, we are helping society.